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At Web Flex, we're not just another company entering the baseball equipment market. We're a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have already achieved great success in the manufacturing industry with the launch of Bad Boy Mowers. We know what it takes to create a top-of-the-line product, and that's exactly what we've done with the Web Flex Protective Screen.

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The Web Flex Patent features TecsPak® energy absorbing technology.

Our Web Flex Patent features TecsPak® energy absorbing technology. Here are some of the key benefits.

  • 10x more durable than rubber, 20x more durable than urethane and 100x more durable than steel coil springs. 
  • It is UV protected.  It will not dry rot, crack or fall apart. 
  • Impervious to most chemicals, greases and oils. 
  • Well suited for harsh environment applications and can operate in temperatures from -40 deg. f to 120 deg. f. 
  • Not an inexpensive replacement for rubber, urethane or steel coils springs but it is a cost-effective solution.
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Are you tired of constantly replacing your protective screen after it gets damaged from baseballs and softballs? Introducing Web Flex Patented Technology, the solution to your problem! Our screen has the unique ability to FLEX when struck, making it able to withstand repeated punishment without failure. Other screens just can't handle the constant abuse, but Web Flex is different. Its L-shaped frame is able to absorb the energy of the ball when it takes a direct hit, bending but never breaking thanks to our proprietary rubber elastomers that allow the frame to float. With Web Flex, you'll have a protective screen that is both safe and durable. Upgrade to Web Flex and never worry about replacing your screen again.


Look no further than the Web Flex PRO family!

Not only is it nearly immune to damage, but it's also designed to protect both the hitter and the pitcher. And with its durable construction, we guarantee it will last. Upgrade to the Web Flex L-Screen and never worry about replacing your screen again. Protect your players and invest in quality with the Web Flex products.

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