Coach Kirk Kelley

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“This Screen is far beyond anything I have ever seen or used. The wheel kit is so simple and easy. Just an amazing product!” 

Coach Mack Chambers

Seminole State College

"This thing is awesome!  I bet we have 10,000 direct hits into the frame and it still looks like new. We love it!"

Aaron Vanscoyoc

Former MLB Player & Pitching Instructor

"Simply the best L-Screen I’ve ever thrown behind.  Safe, sturdy, and I love the size of it. Takes a beating and doesn’t budge an inch. Still looks like it is new!"

Brent Howard

Superintendent - Mountain View Schools

"It’s a no brainer! It protects the hitter and pitcher from injury. It’s worth every penny."

Jason Garcia

Former MLB Player

"One of a Kind!"

Coach King

Cave City Schools

"My hitters can focus more on hitting without worrying about a ball bouncing back at their face."

Sean Duncan

PBR President

"This protective screen is so much better that it's hard to believe it hadn't been thought of before."

Rob Allison

PBR Director - Upper Midwest

"As a former 18-year college coach and now 8-year veteran with Prep Baseball Report; I've thrown a ton of batting practice. Three things impressed me with the WebFlex L-Screen; the overall safety of the screen, the durability, and the ease to maneuver and move the screen to where you need it.

The overall size of the screen is optimal- not too big; not too small. A thrower wants to feel protected, but at the same time, you want balls to clear the screen to provide fielders opportunities during bp; the product does just that. The frame is solid and is able to absorb shock from batted balls. The netting is high quality and alleves worries of a ball coming through the net and hitting a thrower. The product is obviously high quality and built like a tank, with that said, it is extremely mobile and allows easy transport and quick transitions which are optimal in a high-paced practice or showcase setting.

Overall the WebFlex L-Screen is durable, safe, and provides convenience of use. Don't nickel and dime on sub-standard screens. Invest in your coaches and players- WebFlex L-Screen's are a game changer."